There was a Dream

Dear reader, it is safe to assume that you use Wikipedia. And you use it repeatedly. It helps you answer many very important questions. It is possible due to the fact that, at the moment, Wikipedia is the largest and most relevant encyclopedia created by humankind. Also, it is the fastest source to get any information. And it's perfectly true.

But, there's a problem. There is the obstacle which has been interfering with users and us, the creators of WIKI 2, for over a decade now. Wikipedia offers great content, but it is also looks very old-fashioned in terms of its appearance. Its interface is not always user-friendly, there are serious problems with readability, and a real disaster when it comes to aesthetics. And, judging by the progress, it's going to stay this way either for a long time or for good.

We suffered and dreamed. We waited for a long time. And when we grew tired of waiting, we decided to fix it all ourselves. We’ve brought together the best of the best and we worked hard. Thus, we have created WIKI 2 which is the magic mirror which reflects Wikipedia and turns it into a beautiful princess. The one, it deserves to be.

Moreover, we've created not just one, but several of such mirrors in order to ensure that you can choose the one that fits you the best. And we named them The Atmospheres. Take a look:

By the way, if you want to share your choice with a friend, just send them a link and they will see the page exactly the way you see it (unless they didn’t choose their own Atmosphere already).

What do you think?

Imagine, you come to a bookstore looking for some encyclopedia and have two options. One has a beautiful cover with a nice paper and professionally designed and well-readable text. The other one has the cheapest paper, its letters are poorly printed, and its illustrations are of low-quality. Which one will you choose? This analogy explains the essence of the differences.

YouTube Encyclopedic

Tubie is smart. He is better than all of us when it comes to searching, but sometimes even he makes mistakes. However, then he does his best not to repeat them ever again. Give him some time, and he will become a flawless professor.

Why limit yourself only to the improvements when you can also create something completely new? That’s what we said to ourselves and began building the robot that would gather reference, research, and instructional videos from the web. We taught it for a long time, it grew up, matured, and has become a brave scientific researcher, working 24/7. Now it is so smart that it can find an encyclopedic video on YouTube or Google better than we do. This is possible due to the fact that it knows a lot about Wikipedia, even more than people usually do.

We would like to talk about hundreds of new features and improvements, among which there are articles preview, illustrations retouching, and much more, but we are confident that you'll be able to see it all for yourself.

And remember, WIKI 2 is not a different encyclopedia, it is the same good old Wikipedia, but with a completely new and modern look. By the way, you can always compare and switch to the old interface by using the “Show original” link available in the top menu of the page.

How to transfigure the Wikipedia

Get Extension

There are three ways to start using WIKI 2. You can type the address into the address bar or make a bookmark of any converted page and use search like you would normally do.

But there is the magic trick worth mentioning separately. If you replace few characters in any URL address of the original Wikipedia with the symbol "2", like this:, the page will transform.

This stratagem is useful, but we went even further and created a helper. It can make this change in the address by itself. The helper is a browser extension. It is absolutely free and is available on official Google, Mozilla, or Apple extension stores. By the way, after installing it, which is extremely simple, you will also get an opportunity to search anything on WIKI 2 via the context menu (usually right mouse button click). On any website.

So, now you know a bit about WIKI 2. And while we are working on new, even more amazing things for the project, we offer you, dear reader, to explore the horizons of knowledge accumulated by Humankind:

Sincerely Yours,
WIKI 2 Team

WIKI 2 are made by a dedicated team scattered all around the world as a Wikipedia itself.
Project was started in January of 2012 with first release in April 2013.